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Isn't Online Dating Only For Young People?

Absolutely not! Articles in major newspapers have recently stated that online dating in the over 50s demographic has gone up by 40%. These 'Silver Surfers' are officially the fastest growing market for online dating. Overall, if you remove meeting people through a mutual friend from the equation, online dating is the most common way to meet a partner today. When you consider divorce rates and a reluctance to visits pubs and clubs, it's clear that if you are any age over forty, then you should be joining the masses of people using online dating to find new friendship, companionship and love online.

A few statistics:

  • 1102042
    active members worldwide
  • 2000
    average new members each day
  • 21543
    members online now
  • 19700
    chat sessions per day
  • 45 / 55
    women / men ratio

...and counting

Why wait any longer?

Our advantages include:

  • 100% secure, confidential and safe
  • One of the largest senior dating sites in the world
  • Easy to discuss hobbies and find common interests
  • Thousands of local members online at any given time
  • Created by over forty fives, for over forty fives!
  • Extensive user testing and market research
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Every profile is checked manually
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Our Mature Dating Tips

  • The Benefits of a Dating Site for Older People 2016-08-02

    The Benefits of a Dating Site for Older People

    Are you over 50 and starting to feel lonely? Many people by the age of 50 are divorced, or their spouses have died. In the past you may have had to hang up your dancing shoes, but today that is no longer applicable. People can and do date at any age in life. The news is full of stories of happy couples in retirement homes who got married at aged 80! But when you wish to begin senior dating you may be intimidated by the regular dating sites. Prime Time Love is a dating site just for seniors like you.
  • Date Etiquette 2016-01-17

    Date Etiquette

    It’s only natural to be as nervous as you are excited before you’re first date, especially when, like most of the thousands of members on this dating site, you’ve been out of the ‘dating game’ for a while. Rest assured, your date is feeling the same as you. We want to make sure you’re as equipped as possible for the big day, so here is a selection of topics that we suggest you consider discussing when you first meet up in person with your mature match.
  • First Date Ideas 2015-12-17

    First Date Ideas

    Whether you’ve recently joined the thousands of mature singles as part of our thriving PrimeTimeLove community, or you’re planning to do so in the near future, then you’re soon going to be faced with an exciting question…where is the perfect place to go for that first date? We often get asked for date ideas by our ‘silver surfers’, so we’ve decided to provide some guidance right here on your favourite online dating site, that you can read through at your leisure.
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Although the thought of "dating" can seem daunting for some, the truth is that it is like riding a bike - once you get back on it all comes back and before you know it, you're having great fun again. There are many couples that have overcome the challenge of finding

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