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Our Mature Dating Tips, 2016-01-17 Date Etiquette

It’s only natural to be as nervous as you are excited before you’re first date, especially when, like most of the thousands of members on this dating site, you’ve been out of the ‘dating game’ for a while.

Rest assured, your date is feeling the same as you.

We want to make sure you’re as equipped as possible for the big day, so here is a selection of topics that we suggest you consider discussing when you first meet up in person with your mature match. First date anxiety is extremely common, but having a plethora of ideas on how to fill any awkward silences should help you feel reassured and ready to concentrate on your search for love, friendship and companionship over fifty.


Topics to Consider

  1. Occupation – it’s fine to talk about what you do (or did) for a living, but like any of these subjects, don’t focus on it – you don’t live to work, you work to live!
  2. Pets – this is a great conversation starter as most people have owned a pet at some point
  3. Travel – talking about local or foreign holidays you’ve been on or might be planning can make time fly. In case you don’t know, time only flies when you’re having fun!
  4. Sport – again, don’t go over-board but if you have established a mutual interest, then it’s good to talk about playing or watching sport
  5. Cooking – Not everyone loves to cook, but we all love food!
  6. Family – today is about you, but it’s okay to touch on family backgrounds as this can help you find things you have in common.


Topics to Stay Away From

  1. Ex-partners – nobody wants to hear about your past at this point. Besides, dating is all about your future.
  2. Money – there’s nothing less romantic than talking finances when you should be having fun. Whether you’re a prince or pauper, don’t feel the need to tell your companion at this point.
  3. Serious problems – keep things light on a first date, find a balance between honesty and negativity. A date should be fun.
  4. Politics – Unless there’s a mutual interest in this there’s really no reason to bring it up for any length of time.



If you can calmly pick and mix from the above, whilst ensuring you don’t focus too much on any one subject in particular, you’ll give yourself the best opportunity to meet that special companion and start the next chapter of your life.


Be positive and try to project the best version of yourself! This is not to say pretend to be someone you are not, but rather, don’t be scared to accentuate your best qualities. Be you, be respectful, remember to smile and last but not least, be a good listener.

Have a great date and thanks for helping to make PrimeTimeLove the best online dating community for the mature singles market! We’re behind you every step of the way so get back on that bike!