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Our Mature Dating Tips, 2015-11-09 Find Love Over Fifty

Online dating has become ever popular in recent years with a huge success rate. Being ‘matched’ with somebody means that you have a head start to meeting that special someone who is right for you, in a safe and entirely practical way. Being over fifty, it is very important that we are assured to meet someone with similar interests to us; respectful, older adults looking for mature love. If you have decided to take that first step at 50+, here is some useful dating advice to assist you along the way.

Profile Name…

Try to avoid using your full name here, as a degree of anonymity is best at this first step to finding a partner through online dating. Be as creative or as imaginative as you like, or if you prefer keep it simple.

Profile Picture…

Be yourself, you are unique and individual! Put up the photos that best reflect you. For example, if you like dogs, you can put up a photograph with your pets. If you like gardening, you can reflect this in your image.

Employment Status…

You do not have to state your profession if you do not want to – you may wish to save this as a conversation point for a first meeting with your chosen companion - but do give some information, for example “employed”, “unemployed” or “part-time worker”.

Profile Description…

While filling out your profile description, be honest. Weight, height, etc. cannot be hidden should you decide to meet with any prospective partners, so honesty from the start is always the best policy.


It is better to state in your profile how many children/ dependants you have, as this way you’ll be sure to find someone with whom this is not going to be an issue and helps with the matching process.


Browsing and chatting with other singles online is just a first step and it is only you that can decide if you would like to go the next step and actually meet someone in person for the first time.

Meeting Up…

It is advisable to meet in a vibrant place and tell a friend where you are going and when you intend to return. It is not unheard of to suggest a double-date or ask if it is alright to bring someone along for your first date. The majority of people using online dating services such as this one are just like you – good, honest, genuine people who all want to find love or genuine companionship online. Always trust your instincts.

Age is never a barrier…

Only you can realise your dreams. It is never too late to meet that special someone so don’t let age be a barrier to your happiness. After all it is just a number! You are now ready to step out on this exciting and new adventure. Be yourself, be positive – everyone deserves a chance at happiness and to find that special someone to share their future with. Good luck!